Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Nevada Boys' State Program. This website will introduce you to some of the civic experiences and rich traditions that make Nevada Boys' State a special program.

Boys' State was founded to embolden the democratic foundations of our nation and to ensure a capable and patriotic citizenry would confront the challenges faced by our nation. The American Legion believes there is no better way to assure the survival of our republic than to train our young people in the ideals and objectives of American Government. By teaching youth to understand and appreciate the basic principles involved in the successful management of a democratic society, America can remain strong and ensure our freedom for future generations.

Under the guidance of counselors, NBS delegates immerse themselves in the realm of governmental, political and civic ideas. Delegates are encouraged to learn by participating and reflect on the importance of living a life of leadership and civic engagement.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the American Legion Nevada Boys' State Programs, so if you are a prospective delegate, an alumni, or a parent, take a moment to check out all that's going on through this website. I hope you will also have an opportunity to attend the program discover the Nevada Boys' State spirit for yourself.


Craig L. Huntington
Executive Director
Website: Craig Huntington