Program Overview

Nevada's Premier Civic Leadership Conference

Our Mission: The mission of the American Legion Nevada Boys' State program is to develop future leaders by educating and inspiring Nevada's youth. Our program strives to create an understanding of and appreciation for our democratic form of government while encouraging a commitment to future service.

Nevada Boys’ State (NBS) is a program designed to provide training in civic leadership and citizenship for America’s most promising youth. By teaching our young people about the ideals and principles on which the American government was founded we can help ensure a safe and prosperous future for our republic.

The one-week summer program provides a unique educational experience focusing on participation in a model state, complete with governing bodies and elected public officials. The program is designed to mirror the political institutions in the state of Nevada, thereby giving participants first-hand knowledge of how they can best contribute to the welfare of their own communities. Since all of the counselors and administrators volunteer their time and resources, the program is extremely cost-effective; expenditures are minimized and focused on the education of each delegate.

Upon arrival at Boys’ State, each delegate is immediately inducted into a “city.” The cities are modeled after existing cities and towns in Nevada, and are the main structure upon which all other activities are based. In addition to their city assignment, delegates have been assigned to one of two political parties, the “Nationalists” and the “Federalists.” Through their membership in multiple associations, delegates are challenged to master an array of political activities at the city, county, and statewide levels.

Elections for various civic and political offices are held throughout the week. After an orientation period, city leaders are elected and held responsible for successfully guiding their cities throughout the week. Such leadership activities include balancing a city budget, solving city crises, and conducting city council meetings. Campaigns for state office also begin early on in the program. Over the course of the program, delegates elect State Senators, Assemblymen, District Attorneys, Supreme Court Justices, a Secretary of State, an Attorney General, a Lt. Governor and a Governor.

In addition to the elections process, the delegates are assigned to committees to write and debate legislation that deals with current issues facing Nevada. At the conclusion of the program delegates are given the opportunity to debate their legislation on the floor of the Nevada State Legislature in Carson City.

But Boys’ State is not all politics and elections. Delegates also have the opportunity to participate in athletic activities, go head to head in quiz bowl, help produce a daily newspaper, lead mock court proceedings, hear Nevada’s leaders speak on current issues, network with other young leaders from around the state, and see the benefits of community involvement through participating in a public service project.