Nevada Boys' State Alumni and Supporters

Nevada's Premier Civic Leadership Conference

Dear Alumni and Supporters,

The success of Nevada Boys' State is largerly dependent on our supporters. Each year hundreds of individuals, comapnies and legion posts support the program through sponsorships and gifts-in-kind. As such, our all-volunteer staff is constantly seeking new ways of making the NBS experience surpass the delegates' expectations each and every year, so that a strong link between knowledge and duty is formed. If you have resources to contribute, an idea that you think would improve the program, or other opportunities to share toward enriching the program, then please feel free to contact me. You may also conisder donating at one of our established Scholarship Levels:
  • $50 will enable a young leader to visit the state capital and participate in our mock government.
  • $100 will sponsor three days of leadership development.
  • $200 will ensure a full week of leadership development.
  • $1,000 will sponsor five young leaders.
  • $6,000 will permanently endow a young leader scholarship for years to come.
Additionally, in 1988 the Nevada Boys' State Alumni Association (NBSAA) was established to promote a vibrant network of Nevada Boys' State (NBS) alumni for the on-going benefit of community and country and to generate delegate scholarships so that all qualified Nevada high school students will have an equal opportunity to participate in the program. NBSAA also believes that those who once attended NBS still have a vested interest in the success of the NBS mission. Indeed, only by the continuing support, assistance, and volunteerism of alumni, friends, and family has NBS been able to deliver such an exemplary leadership experience to next generation.


Andrew Moschetti
NBSAA Director

Ryan Hamilton
Finance Director